How We Built & Scaled Log Search and Pattern Extraction (2020)

Posted in Lightstep's Blog. Detailing how the log search and aggregation feature works.

Why Observability Is Crucial For Developers (2020)

Posted in The New Stack as a sponsored post. Sharing examples of how observability has been invaluable for software development at Lightstep.

Introducing Snapshot Analyzer: Interactive Investigations for Deep Systems (2019)

Posted in Lightstep's Blog. A product release post about my team's new Snapshot Analyzer feature.

Signal, Noise, and a Service Diagram That Actually Answers Questions (2019)

Posted in Lightstep's Blog. A product release post about my team's new Service Diagram feature.

Why I joined Georgia Tech’s OMSCS program (2019)

My journey through Computer Science education at different levels.

Migrating from Lift to Play (2018)

Posted in Rally Health's Engineering Blog. How we made the transition from the Lift to Play Scala frameworks and a few lessons learned along the way.

Scala: The Good Parts (2015)

A few of my favorite features in Scala after spending a few weeks experimenting with the language.

Design Patterns in Real Life (2014)

Applying Software Design Patterns to real-world situations to help me understand it better.

Introduction to ZooKeeper (2014)

Sharing what I learned about ZooKeeper for another work project.

Using HBase to store and analyze NFL play-by-play data (2014)

An example of using HBase to analyze NFL play-by-play data.

Introduction to HBase’s Data Model (2014)

Documenting what I learned about HBase for a work project.

Indexing and Searching Tweets with Lucene (2013)

An example of using Lucene to index and search tweets.

Introduction to Apache Lucene (2013)

A high-level introduction to Apache Lucene's Indexing and Searching capabilities.

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