Classifying NBA-All Stars (2018)

As part of coursework for CS 7641 Machine Learning, I applied several Supervised Learning techniques to two problems. The main problem I investigated was how to classify an NBA player as an All-Star based on statistics and data from the previous 15+ years of player statistics. The second problem I chose was to predict a student's final grade in a class using various features (like income level, time spent playing outside, parents' occupation etc). You can find the results and my analysis in the link above.

PeerReview: A crowd-sourced learning tool (2018)

As part of coursework for CS 6460 Education Technology, I designed and built a prototype of "Peer Review", a crowd-sourced learning tool for use in MOOCs. The application provides a platform for students in a distributed classroom to collaboratively generate a pool of review questions. The tool allows a student to test their comprehension of the material using this pool of questions sourced from classmates.

EMT Response Application with FHIR (2017)

As part of coursework for CS 6440 Health Informatics, I helped prototype an application that could help EMTs be more effective when transporting a patient during an emergency. My team of five worked on all aspects of the project (from ideation, development, testing and delivery). I played the role of Developer on the project, working on the integration with FHIR and building an API for the front-end to use.

GuiltTrip (2014)

An unreleased Android app built during a 24-hour Innovation Day at Opower. It displays the amount of carbon emmissions that could be saved if one were to choose public transportation for his/her daily commute (instead of a driving a car). The app uses the Google Maps API for directions and various online sources for calculating the emissions. Here's a quick demo of the application (sorry about the atrocious UI):

BTransitHelper (2013)

I built this Android app while at Virginia Tech. It displays information about the bus system in Blacksburg, BTransit. Unfortunately, this app has not been maintained since it was released in 2012. Here is an overview of the features that I built for this app:

  • Find real-time departures times for every route and stop.
  • View stops around user's current location.
  • Set personalized alerts for bus bus departures times.
  • Save favorite stops for easier access.

HokieHelper (2012)

Another Android app I built while at Virginia Tech. I worked on this application with several members of the Mobile Application Development (MAD) team at Virginia Tech. Unfortunately, this app has not been maintained since it was released in 2012. At its peak, the app had more than 1000 downloads and was featured in the school newspaper! Here is an overview of the features that I built for this app:

  • Display dining hall information including: hours of operation, location, contact information and prices.
  • Provide nutritional information for almost every item available in the dining halls.
  • Provide current conditions for Blacksburg, Virginia and a 7-day forecast, using weather information provided by the WeatherBug API.
  • Display a feed of most recent tweets by Twitter accounts related to Virginia Tech.

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